Line Them Up: Wheel Alignment Service at Tuffy Toledo

July 23, 2018

Hello Toledo! Let's talk about alignment. One of the most important parts of preventive maintenance for your vehicle is keeping the wheels in alignment. Poor alignment causes your tires to wear unevenly, which can significantly reduce their lifespan. This means you will have to replace th... More

Power Steering Service at Tuffy Toledo in Toledo

June 14, 2018

Many Toledo drivers have been hearing about technological advances in power steering, specifically electric power steering. Some very high-end cars have been featuring electric power steering. Power steering fluid has the necessary hydraulic properties and the ability to lubricate the int... More

Automotive Tips from Tuffy Toledo: Alignment Inspection

December 3, 2017

Uneven tire wear, the car pulling to one side or a steering wheel that is off-center are signs for Toledo drivers that their wheels may be out of alignment.When doing an alignment inspection, the service advisor at Tuffy Toledo will inspect your tires for uneven wear as well as suspension and ste... More

Tracking True in Ohio: Wheel Alignment in Toledo

March 5, 2017

The biggest issue for Toledo area drivers is always safety. When your vehicle wheels are out of alignment, the vehicle will pull to one side, which could lead to an accident. When you're vehicle is out of alignment, you should have it taken care of right away at Tuffy Toledo in Toledo. Wh... More

Tracking True in Toledo: Wheel Alignment

May 24, 2016

At Tuffy Toledo, we occasionally see severe tire damage that could have been prevented with proper wheel alignment. During a Tuffy Toledo alignment service, your vehicle is put on an alignment rack where the tires, steering and suspension parts are inspected for problems. Then the alignment is... More

Protecting Your SUV From Theft In Toledo, Ohio

July 24, 2015

Every car in Toledo, Ohio is at risk for theft. So it's up to us Toledo drivers to make our cars a less appealing target and more of a challenge hopefully sending potential thieves to look elsewhere. The National Insurance Crime Bureau recommends a layered approach to protecting veh... More

Can Car Scent Keep You Safe On Ohio Roads?

February 26, 2015

Here's a travel tip that'll I'll bet you didn't know, and, it might keep you safer... The average American commuter in Ohio spends two and a half hours daily in their car. The government says a hundred thousand auto accidents yearly are caused by drivers who fall asleep at the wheel.... More

What To Do In Case Of An Accident in Perrysburg

August 14, 2014

Screeching tires, crunching metal its an accident! If youve ever been in a car accident in Toledo, even a minor one, you know how upsetting it can be. Its hard to think straight and know what to do. Lets review what Toledo car owners should do in case of an accident: When an accid... More