Before You Buy that Used Vehicle (Having a Used Car Inspected Before Buying)

September 27, 2020

Let's face it. New vehicles are expensive, so finding a good used one can save drivers a lot of money. It's tempting to look through ads, find a private seller who has what you're looking for and pay a price you think is a great deal. But when you go over to look at a used car, do you really k... More

What Toledo Automotive Service Consumers Should Know

September 20, 2020

There are some things drivers should know about Toledo car service and repair. First and foremost, Tuffy Toledo cares about you and your family's safety. And we really appreciate your business. Tuffy Toledo in Toledo wants to build a trusting relationship that becomes the foundation for a mutual... More

Weather Station on Wheels (Vehicle Sensor Maintenance)

September 13, 2020

You probably never thought about it, but your vehicle is like a rolling weather station. It can check the outside temperature, let you know when the roads are slippery and help you deal with rain. And how it does all those things is pretty cool. First, just like any weather station, a vehicle ha... More

Not Too Hot and Not Too Cold (Temperature Gauge)

September 6, 2020

You know your body temperature is supposed to be 98.6 degrees F, 37 degrees C. Your vehicle has a normal temperature, too, and if you pay attention to it, that can save you some big headaches down the road. Many vehicles have a temperature gauge on the dash that takes the temperature of the engi... More