Tuffy Toledo (Central Avenue) Engine Air Filter Replacement

August 29, 2014

When your experienced Tuffy Toledo (Central Avenue) service professional technician changes your oil, he will also inspect your air filter. You shouldnt need a new filter at every oil change, but you will need to change it regularly. Heed your service professionals auto advice if ... More

The Harm In Skipping An Oil Change For Toledo Drivers

August 26, 2014

People in Toledo have been hearing a lot about higher oil change intervals these days. Maybe you're wondering: What are the key issues? Some new vehicle manufacturers in Toledo are now recommending much higher oil change intervals than they have in the past. As much as 5,000 to 8,000... More

Hey Toledo Drivers, How Many Miles Are On Your Car?

August 21, 2014

Nowadays, Toledo auto owners are paying more at Perrysburg gas pumps. For some families in the greater Perrysburg area, it adds up to several hundred dollars every month. Thats got to come out of the budget somewhere. This is one of the reasons many Ohio motorists are putting off buy... More

What To Do In Case Of An Accident in Perrysburg

August 14, 2014

Screeching tires, crunching metal its an accident! If youve ever been in a car accident in Toledo, even a minor one, you know how upsetting it can be. Its hard to think straight and know what to do. Lets review what Toledo car owners should do in case of an accident: When an accid... More

The Tuffy Toledo (Central Avenue) Guide To Caring For Your Transmission

August 12, 2014

Most cars and trucks have automatic transmissions, yet a lot of Rossford motorists only have a fuzzy understanding about what a transmission does. Think back to the last time you rode a bike in Rossford. You started out in a lower gear and shifted to higher gears as you went faster.... More

Stop It! You Need Good Brakes

August 5, 2014

Good brakes are obviously very important. If you've ever had your brakes go out while you're driving around the Perrysburg area, you'll know how terrifying it can be. Today we'll focus on how to tell when you have a brake problem, and how to make good repair choices. Often, the first... More